Oral Irrigator Oral-B Oxyjet White

Oral Irrigator Oral-B Oxyjet White

Improve your oral hygiene with good quality products, like Oral Irrigator Oral-B Oxyjet White!

Oral-B Oral Health Center Oxyjet is an oral irrigator that is to use after the teeth brushing, for a perfect oral hygiene. 
The Water Jet Oxyjet is an oral care system inspired by professionals for a superior cleaning, gum care, whiter teeth and fresh breath. It combines maximum scrubbing performance and deep cleans and thoroughly. It performs a gentle massage of gums and offers incredible freshness, creating a barrier against the development of the bacterial plaque. 
The Oxyjet technology enriches the water in micro-bubbles to help improve the gums health. A button present on the device allows to control the water pressure. 

  • Type:
    • Air filter
    • Pressure
  • Capacity: 600 ml
  • Includes:
    • Oral Irrigator
    • Nozzle x 4
  • Colour: White